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for implant crowns or bridges

Easy removable for inspection

Nevertheless, good hold

Elastic behavior

Shock absorbing

Controlled slight expansion for good retention

Good seal

Biocompatible & Antibacterial

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BacterioFixSemi-Permanent cement for crowns & bridges on implants.

Best compromise between fixation & removability.



BacterioFixis a dual-cure semi-permanent luting cementbased on methacrylic esters.

BacterioFix is suitable for semi-permanent cementing of implant abutment retained crowns or bridges.


  • Easy to clean up re-cement

  • Time saving

  • More comfort and safety for patient

Working time and setting time

BacterioFix has a sufficient long working time of 2:00 minutes.

BacterioFix is a dual cure cement. A fast fixation of the restorations is possible if BacterioFix is cured at the marginal regions for 20 seconds per surface.

In case of translucent materials, it is also possible to expose to light through the material (40 seconds per surface)


Physical and mechanical properties: Volumetric- behavior

BacterioFix is a luting cement for implants where the bond between restoration and abutment is based on mechanical retention.

Therefore, the controlled slight expansion of BacterioFix is important and it ensures a safe of the restoration with good seal and marginal

Physical and mechanical properties: Compressive strength

The low compressive strength of BacterioFix is intended and important for retrievability.

Physical and mechanical properties: Film thickness

acceptable seating of the restoration.

BacterioFix has a low film thickness (<20 (microns)) that ensures good fit accuracy of the restoration.

Compressive strength of BacterioFix and competitive materials
Controlled expansion of BacetrioFix (vs) the shrinkage of competitive material
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