Smart and revolutionary innovative patent formula

The perfect shield for your teeth

OBIOD-SENSE MIX Nanotechnology

Smart and revolutionary innovative patent formula

Completely transparent protective coating combined with nanotechnology, endure on the teeth surface for approx. 6-12 months.



  • Acts as filler because it repairs small holes and depressions on the enamel surface, a function enhanced by the small size of the particles that compose it.

  • Flows into micro cracks and helps to close them.

  • Penetrates the dentine tubules and seals them.

  • Reduces sensitivity

NANO-Calcium fluoride


  • Acts as a storage reservoir for fluoride driven by changes in pH.

  • Reduces sensitivities.

Amino fluoride Olaflur


  • Provides an immediate release of fluoride ions.

  • Induces natural dentin remineralization

Indications for use

  • Preventive care benefits for children and adults.

  • After a professional teeth whitening treatment.

  • Reduces the hypersensitive neck of the tooth.

  • Protection after professional dental removal of tooth deposits and of dental plaquein Skyler.


The distinctive highlights of OBIOD-SENSE MIX

  • Outstanding adhesion, closing of dentinal tubules, long term protection.

  • No etching, not light-curing.

  • Transparent Quick Dry

  • Strengthening Enamel Resistance

  • Resumption of natural tooth mineralization

  • Short and long term fluoride release.

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