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ObioWhite Soft

Recommended for patients with gum withdrawal

The only in-office bleaching combined with Nanotechnology and provides in one treatment:

Dental bleaching + Dental hypersensitivity reduction + remineralization of the tooth surface



  • Bleaching is uniform in and teeth generally get eight shades brighter. 

  • Higher remineralization ability during teeth whitening.

  • The surface of the tooth is accordingly cleaned by oxidation and at the same time rendered more resistant to acid.

  • Nanoparticles remaining between tooth enamel and prisms or dentine tubulis and have a desensitizing and remineralising action over prolonged period.

  • MINIMIX- syringe for easy and user-friendly manipulation.

  • Make no mistake mixing the gel and the gel always stays fresh.


Who is it for?

  • In Office whitening for strong discolorations.

  • Changing tooth shade as a result of trauma.

  • Tetracycline staining.

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Recommended for patients with gum withdrawal

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