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Home Bleaching ObioWhite Bright

Home Bleaching that combines nanotechnology and reduces treatment time by 50%.

The formulation provides a gentle whitening with optimal results.


Dental clarification + Dental hypersensitivity reduction + Fluoride ion release + Remineralization.


Who is it for?

·        Useful for patients with a thickness of enamel layer loss of tooth enamel. 

The absence of enamel facilitated the dispersion of bleaching agents.

·        In-office teeth whitening combined with ObioWhite bright on lingual side.

         Treatment of endemic fluorosis and tetracycline staining administration on the

lingual side.                      

·        It is recommended for home preservation .

·        A home-based solution for patients with a personal brace.

·        Simple and easy application.

·        Significant whitening effect already after 7 days.


The best time to begin at-home whitening is soon after a dental hygienists prophylactic cleaning.

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The Power of Teeth Whitening - Bright White!

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