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Bioactive glass powder

Innovative therapeutic prophy powder that improves preventive dental care.

The efficacious bio-active glass acts to supply biologic material with the source of calcium and phosphate contained with its silicate frame.

Reacting with saliva conditions, ObioGlass delivers calcium and phosphate ions, the ions integrate into the dentine structure to reintroduce a remineralized framework to the tooth integrate.


ObioGlass provides a simultaneously:

prophylaxis treat + cleaning+ desensitizing +protection


a) Seals exposed dentine to provide long term relief from dental hypersensitivity.

b) Fast removal of heavy staining without complications associated with aluminum oxide or bicarbonate powders.

c) Whitens patient's teeth returning enamel to its natural brightness.

c) Protects and soothes dental tissues.


The Unique features of ObioGlass


  1. ObioGlass offer an ability to remove stain, plaque, biofilm and remineralize efficiently without the soft tissue sensitivity often associated with the crystalline structure of Sodium Bicarbonate.

  2. The process starts immediately and takes effect over the following 24 hours. During the stain removal procedure, open dentine tubules are occluded and this gives a much longer-term desensitizing effect than can be obtained with Sodium Bicarbonate, which is water-soluble.

  3. As a Silica-based product there is no salty taste as there is with Sodium Bicarbonate.

  4. ObioGlass is a rounder, harder particle when compared to Sodium Bicarbonate making stain removal much more efficient at the same air pressures.

  5. ObioGlass has been specially formulated with excellent flow properties to be kinder to the patients by reducing irritation during application.


ObioGlass is Perfect for many applications:

  • Treatment of dental hypersensitivity

  • Fast removal of extrinsic stains, e.g. coffee, tea, and tobacco

  • Surface preparation before bonding and sealants

  • Before and after scaling and root planning

  • procedure to reduce sensitivity

  • Prophylaxis of orthodontic patients

  • Plaque removal before fluoride treatments

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Bioactive glass powder

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Innovative therapeutic prophy powder

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