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Teeth Whitening Strips

New upgraded formula

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High-adhesion dry whitening, designed with patented polymer embedding technology and high-adhesion formula. Can produce a strong adhesion so that it will be closely attached to the teeth. Dry teeth whitening Obiowhite brings a freer and more comfortable experience than the gel whitening strip.  It is a newer, more convenient and more comfortable teeth whitening product, bolt and docile, it’s easy to use , like dressing a whitening face mask on teeth, so that you can enjoy the innovative changes brought by high technologies anytime, anywhere.


New coconut oil upgraded formula

Rich in natural coconut oil, the strip can effectively reduce tooth sensitivity caused by hydrogen peroxide. Natural coconut oil can Inhibit oral bacteria, refresh breath and better help with teeth cleaning, making it a new teeth whitening product.

Innovative active oxygen teeth whitening formula

 Innovative active oxygen whitening formula combined with safe whitening ingredients used by global dentists present an excellent teeth whitening effect. The teeth whitening effect wit! Be shown for the first time the strip Is used, continuous use can make the teeth bright and white.

Engineered slipping-free Design makes it the most favorable teeth whitening product

The dry teeth strip has up to 2 hours of high-strength adhesion. Tightly attached to the teeth, it will not fall off or shift from the teeth even the user swims, runs, or drinks water. It will bring a new, unparalleled teeth whitening experience. Dry teeth strips can completely resist the decomposition of saliva, provide the best teeth whitening power, which makes it the most popular teeth whitening product currently available on the market.

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Obio White Strips_1.jpg
Obio White Strips_Box_new.png
Obio White Strips_1.jpg
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