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About us

Novis Medical

The journey of InovisMedical to the heart of dentist began in France 25 years ago as specialists in the area of dental aesthetics and tooth-whitening.

We worked hard to make dentists familiar with our products, we wanted to make sure they have our full supportbegin in constant contact with the dentist and listening to their opinions.

We have a deep understanding of our customer's special requirements and find optimal solutions for their problems and we have adjusted our proposal to the needs of their practices.


  • International relationships

  • Highest quality

  • Adaptability

  • Our products are manufactured in the best laboratories in Germany and Usa.

  • Medical devices quality management system was certified by ISO 13485.

InovisMedical is exceptionally proud to announce revolutionary new frontier in the treatment ofwhiten teeth with nanoparticles.

About us

About the Nanotechnology!

Novis Medical

Nanotechnology revolutionized the medical and dental fields by improving mechanical and physical properties of materials.

Tooth whitening agents were additionally nano modified to increase their whitening efficiency and minimize their harmful side effects. Calcium peroxide nanoparticles, for instance, were able to penetrate deeper into the tooth structure through micro and nano cracks, leading to a longer surface contact and therefore an increase in the effectiveness of the whitening agent as its deeper penetration into the tooth structure allows for a longer action time.


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Our Products


Tooth bleaching agent + Desensitizing action + Positive action concerning the remineralization of the tooth surface.


obiowhite ultra 27%

The only in-office bleaching combined with Nanotechnology and provides in one treatment:


Dental bleaching + Dental hypersensitivity reduction + remineralization of the tooth surface


obiowhite Soft 16%

Recommended for patients with gum withdrawal

The only in-office bleaching combined with Nanotechnology and provides in one treatment:

Dental bleaching + Dental hypersensitivity reduction + remineralization of the tooth surface


obiowhite Bright 6%

Home Bleaching that combines nanotechnology and reduces treatment time by 50%.

The formulation provides a gentle whitening with optimal results.

Dental clarification + Dental hypersensitivity reduction + Fluoride ion release + Remineralization.

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obioglass (Bioactive glass powder) 

Innovative therapeutic prophy powder that improves preventive dental care.

The efficacious bio-active glass acts to supply biologic material with the source of calcium and phosphate contained with its silicate frame.

Reacting with saliva conditions, ObioGlass delivers calcium and phosphate ions, the ions integrate into the dentine structure to reintroduce a remineralized framework to the tooth integrate.

ObioGlass provides a simultaneously:

prophylaxis treat + cleaning+ desensitizing +protection

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Mix Nanotechnology

Smart and revolutionary innovative patent formula,

completely transparent protective coating combined with nanotechnology, endure on the teeth surface for approx. 6-12 months.




A patent-protected formula by Inovis Medical

It is an integral part of the teeth whitening process



A synergistic combination of two agents:

  1. Citric acid that efficiently maintains a neutral pH

  2. Fast removal of extrinsic stains, opens enamel prisms and thus speeds up the bleaching process.

  3. Potassium nitrate is effective in occluding dentinal tubules significantly decreased tooth pain of dentin hypersensitivity

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obiogingival protection


  1. Optimally covers the gingiva and interdental papillae.

  2. Non –running consistency.

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obiowhite Strips

A unique development of whitening strips, a novel bleaching system combining 

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% (equivalent to 19.8% carbamide peroxide).

Three types of polymers that are safe for oral use do not dissolve in saliva, allowing hermetic attachment to any tooth and a balanced spread of the bleaching material on any tooth surface

Menthol for refreshing and coconut oil known for its anti-bacterial properties

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The only one on the market that has several accurately advanced programs intended to accelerate and optimize the results of any dental whitening material.

The arch carrying the lamp is combined with a high-quality audio headset allowing the patient to listen to music from an external source during the treatment.

The Lamp utilizes the effects of two wavelengths that are combined from the blue and red LEDs.

Red = 660nm Blue = 470nm

  • No UV, IR or heat emissions.

  • Optimizes all teeth whitening procedures.

  • Ergonomic digital control (both local and wireless ) easily mounts on any dental unit

  • Audio headset included.

Teeth Whitening lamp

Our Customers smile for us

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